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The Tropaing Sangke Fishing Community

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Visit a fishing community, 6 km from Kampot, who live in wooden stilt huts. Discover its mangrove and above all to understand and see all the efforts to save the mangrove.

Attention here, it is really an authentic experience. Only a few rare inhabitants of the community speak English, and they are not always present. Better you go ahead to join them.

Responsible stance

Mangroves in this area are an essential part of the ecosystem and the way of life of the inhabitants of Tropiang Sangke, only it is in grave danger. Development of Kampot Government initiatives are jeopardizing all the ecosystem that the way of life of this community. NGOs intervened to help the community and create a conservation area where mangroves are replanted. But this is not enough.

This is why the community is turning to tourism to offer an original eco-tour, in order to finance the protection, conservation, seeds, wages...

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