Picture of the place

Tomy Muesly

Takayama, JAPAN

It's in Takayama we did meet Tomy, a Swiss with the original personality, installed for 30 years to the Japan who, in a city where the Ida Beef reigns supreme, has entirely vegetarian cuisine made with vegetables from its own Garden. And it is good :)

As the name of his establishment, Tomy sells some homemade muesly to eat in or take away, in small sealed plastic packages (nobody is perfect :)) and realizes also a few (quiche & curry) dishes based on fresh, local vegetables and) season so! Although this was a real discovery of taste, it's good and especially we feel that you eat healthy. Personally, I advise to go more for the muesly and smoothies: I took the "Fresh Organic Kale Smoothie", a small bomb healthy.

In summary, Tomy is really an endearing character who lives at his own pace and with its values and worth to be met! If you go on the other hand, don't be hurry, here one takes its time...

Responsible stance

Home made food
Organic, fresh, local ingredients
Vegan friendly


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