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A Life is a project to combat poverty by feeding, whereby it is possible to participate as a volunteer. The system works through donations (cash or food, medicines etc). It is also possible to help prepare meals in the morning and distribute them.

To do this, we contacted them through facebook. Work starts around 7.30 a.m. and ends after lunch. It is mainly to peel vegetables, cook them and distribute them.

Editor's Note:
It's a great time volunteering opportunity.

Responsible stance

Distribution of meals.
Fight against poverty.
Social inclusion.

The project was started in 2004 by a Singaporean expatriate in Cambodia. The goal is to distribute meals to children in need. The permanent base of the organization is located in Siem Reap, but antennas exist also in Indonesia and Malaysia.

At Siem Reap, the organization serves about 300 servings per day, of which 50 on-site. The others are distributed to families and in an orphanage. Tours in the surrounding villages we also held Saturday, day during which more than 700 portions are distributed.


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