Picture of the place


Zawyat Oulmzi, MOROCCO

4 hours drive from Marrakech, the walls of Touda emerge in high the Bougmez Valley, in the village of Zawyat Oulmzi. The concept of this ecolodge? A place to live where the slowness and silence are, to relax in a preserved natural setting.

Here, many training courses and activities are available, including guided tours and hikes. Also, an introduction to the Berber kitchen!

Responsible stance

Here, water is managed of reasoned manner whatsoever for watering, the kitchen or facilities health and heated by solar energy. There is a greater use of local materials and no pollutants (reeds, burlap etc). The staff is trained to quality approaches regarding the maintenance of a healthy and natural environment.

Regarding the food, everything is in season.

Besides, although the labels are not everything, it is noted that Touda is labeled "Green key" for 4 consecutive years.
This is an ongoing effort to responsibly accommodate tourists: what is not nothing!


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