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Up on the hill

Bastimento, PANAMA

Coffee shop, restaurant, small gift shop and farm of organic chocolate

We went to visit quickly and did not have the time to enjoy more slowly, but we loved breathe this institutional commitment. To reach Up on the hill, as the name suggests, you need good climbing. A friendly walk of 30 minutes since Old Bank. You can plan to stop here, on the road or at the return of the wizard beach, an almost deserted Beach on the island, still 20 min walk Up on the Hill (downhill this time)...

Obviously it is the ideal place to taste or buy chocolate! And it is also possible to realize a tour guided farm (every day at 11: 00 except Sunday when we went) and buy lots of natural products not always easy to find in the Panama.

Responsible stance

Of course chocolate is organic but is not everything

First, once in the very cute coffeshop in the jungle can be found several Panel rarely seen as "do not use off repelant". Anti mosquito off is so strong that it's almost a peesticide and it is very bad for the instect and frogs.

Furthermore it is the first time in my life that I saw on sale in a shop of straw aluminum (even if me I always have mine on me)

I also discovered that the place is a kind of sanctuary for Red frogs - an endemic species of the island that is becoming extinct - while in the arrived the owner Javier 12 years ago, he wasn't quite on this area plantations they have chosen to be allowed to get them back in just 3 years

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