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A restaurant 100% vegetarian and much vegan with an adaptation of traditional Asian dishes revisited using tofu and other substitus to meat. Nice idea!
A very important choice and what is funny is that they kept the description traditional "chicken" "shrimp" but everything is in between it "double quotes". The tofu is actually worked to look like the "chicken" or shrimp, etc... Some dishes "faux-meat" so and many dishes without gluten. Everything is prepared at the minute, fresh, good and rather rich.
They are very available to explain the ingredients and add or not... According to the customer's desire.

An idea, invite a caarnivores, they will be amazed to enjoy eating plant!

Responsible stance

Restaurant 100% vegetarian - 90% VEGAN - and a little GLUTEN
The card is clever: it is indicated on each dish. You cannot make a mistake.

A doggy bag to demand (I have tested) and with a big smile and nice bio drinks in +. Taste the BIONADE: to the Litchi, elderberry, plants, ginger-orange or Spelty, organic spelt alcohol-free beer

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