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Vent du Large

Marennes, FRANCE
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Ideally located facing the sea and close to the island of Oleron, we offer you to stay in a House of 60 sqm, renovated in 2018 with modern comforts. An opportunity to discover simple and sustainable alternatives to put in place, while enjoying the comfort of a b & b 3 stars.
The cottage can accommodate up to 6 people + 1 baby.

One of his asset is the garden, which provides various medicinal and aromatic plants to enhance your meal. It will evolve with the seasons and years, the goal is to make a useful and enjoyable. For winter days, a small good wood fire will make you forget the cool from the outside.

We also support short circuits by sharing with you our addresses (often organic) producers or by serving as a place of sale/exhibition for producers, artists and creators who are a little more distant in the Department. For your well-being we can also give you contacts, some that can move home: reflexology, shiatsu or ayurvedic massages...

Responsible stance

In our House you can discover or practise a responsible lifestyle. You can borrow a Yogurt Maker (ability to go get the milk directly on the farm at 1 km) and a bread machine. We offer capsules in stainless steel for the Nespresso provided with ground organic coffee house (a classic filter coffeemaker is also present). No paper towels at disposal but the napkins, towels, rags, shovels for picking up dog poop... The bee's wrap instead of stretch film, mini know FAS instead of the foam grows. Amongst my exhibitors there is a local SOAP and a seamstress who offers cloth wipes. Washable sponges instead of the spontex... Small things all singles who show that the reduction of waste in the scope of Mr and Mrs everyone without loss of comfort...

At best, we are reducing the use of resources by providing us with hydraulic energy produced in France and by choosing the most LED bulbs. We by addition to standards electric and done did the structural work by local artisans in order to promote the local economy. We installed a wood stove to reduce the use of electric heaters.

We collect rain water, that we reuse for watering of aromatic-medicinal-edible plants and the pergola of kiwi (being just renovated home there will have to wait several more years before having fruit). It also fuels a "tired hidden mini" for apples and toads.

Furthermore, we try to be as little pollution as possible, for this we have renovated the House with natural paints and coatings homemade and decorated with furniture hunted and restyled. We practice selective sorting and a composter. Our cleaning products are homemade with non-polluting ingredients. On the garden side, we use no pesticides, we are also a refuge LPO and we struggle in ecological way processionnaires caterpillars of the pine. Moreover, we pay for free devices that allow for the reduction of waste, and our business cards are printed on recycled paper.

Finally we are committed to develop the local economy and offer childrens wooden dishes, made by a local craftsman and serve as exhibition space for local creators and producers. We also offer our addresses and favorite books and magazines dealing with the local flora, medicinal properties of wild plants, and that will help you decipher the labels of cosmetic products of the trade.

This address has been shared on 13/12/2018 by Dan De la Place , the establishment itself.


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