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Montpellier, FRANCE

Via Pila is an excellent Italian restaurant, in the heart of the coat of arms of Montpellier where the service is impeccable.

Responsible stance

No special commitment known apriori except that:
1 - It is possible to eat vegetarian (we can say that it is often the case in an Italian restaurant, but I swear that he didn't is not always so many choices that it out of the pizza out here we're in a = Italy not pizza but the real kitchen).
2 - They offer a real doggy-bags (Fortunately, because the portions are very generous) stretched in... a paper bag!

The via Pila is also a signatory of the Charter my wasteful Zero restaurant created by JCI Montpellier a by because of his commitment caramels, but also because they work in stream tight with a very steady supply and because they reuse the fat meat and hams in the appetizers.

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