Picture of the place

Villa Jana


10 km to the northeast of Marrakech in the heart of the famous eponymous Palm, is the "Villa Jana". Level architecture is a back to basics combining ecological concepts and a thousand and one nights. Level atmosphere, it's relaxation, authenticity, and disorientation. In bulk: volumes, domes, vaults, the loggias, pools, Palm trees, a solarium, Agroecology and organic vegetable garden. What happiness!

To make the most of this ecolodge, best to come as a family or at least as a group! Choice: an eco-riad (with a capacity of...) 18 people!), organic vegetable garden, eco-villa rooms. And normally, an extension is planned for end of 2016 / beginning of 2017. Of course, there is a corner gastronomy and tradition (from €16, the water and coffee included). In all a capacity of 32 persons max.

Given the size of the place, it is possible to book for business events or major (seminars, weddings, openings) etc. Do not hesitate!

Responsible stance

We abandoned the concrete of the resorts and swimming pools chlorinated large hotels to delve into an authentic atmosphere, giving a good local traditions.

Here is the raw land that is used in the construction of the ecolodge (and Yes to have good energy performance, should not always look fourteen hours!).

The staff's attention on safeguarding the environment and it goes through the management of water (double circuit drinking water / water unfit) and energy (photovoltaic, Canadian wells and solar water heater panels) but also of waste.


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