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Village d’Avlékété

Avlékété, BENIN
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Avlekete is a village between land and sea, where they practice the culture of salt but especially fishing. This village welcomes travelers, with 4 boxes of 2 people (bath and toilet), in a very authentic.

These accommodations have been built in partnership with the tourism development solidarity association and the inhabitants, the purpose is to allow a welcome and a grip of the tourism service by the inhabitants. They offer accommodation, the cover caught fish of the day with a local dish prepared by the host mama (who knows the difficulties of digestion of the West), but also the visit of the village and the cultures.

In the morning you can attend an extraordinary show which is collective fishing in the ocean, then the distribution of fish. Throughout the day, under the mango trees are played very concentrated Awele (Adji) parts.

The village is a maze, I do not advise you to stroll alone you will be assailed by a group of curious children who follow you the trail laughing at open throat!

Responsible stance

A grip of the tourism service only by locals, travel in this village makes a direct compensation to the villagers. Part of the money is dedicated to a common background for the construction project for the whole village.

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