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Santa Marta, COLOMBIA

A local veg, far away from the trendy and tourist restaurant restaurant normal. Reminded us fondas them that we loved at the Panama, except that we've never seen a 100% vegetarian. In addition to being vegetarian restaurant is a healthy food-oriented. It's a good place to buy seeds and supplements.

A full menu at 9000 cup (€2 25) allows you to choose 4 items among those of the day + a drink (it is possible to choose just 1, 2 or 3 products for 2500, 5000, or 6500).

It has been 2 times for lunch.
The first time we had the choice of rice, soup, eggplant, mixed vegetables, carrots, a salad of beets and a cake of potatoes... We all tasted 2 and it was good. I was less a fan of the drink a juice from grapes and anise.
The second we arrived a bit late, we took what was left: a potato stuffed with a substitute (a bit stodgy) meat, rice jumped with a substitute chorizo (very very good), a soup (delicious - but on its own it would have enough) and vegetables. This time the drink was a tea ginseng - very good.

Overall, it's good but not very subtle, in the image of Colombian cuisine (the one you tasted so far anyway). We liked it whether is clearly a local food revisited in a vegetarian version.

Responsible stance

A basic 100% vegetarian who is not a hipster trendy and expensive, it is not many around here. We were glad to find this one, where the premises are as happy to eat there only a few tourists.

Especially that there are several vegan options and gluten and standing in line I saw a Colombian arrival with its own containing to serve take-away. Of the never before seen! A great pleasure!

NB: unfortunately take-away packaging are made of polystyrene, so feel free to take your and especially ask your drink without straw (straw joked "sorbete" in Colombia).


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