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Volonteer hostel

Cartagena, COLOMBIA

Volunteer Hostel is a social hostel created to support the self-sufficiency of the GEF organization. Ideally located in the heart of downtown San Diego (historic center), we stayed there twice and loved having the feeling of being part of a generous family.

The hostel offers several dorms and 4 rooms private, very simple and without decorations but perfect for small budgets. A kitchen is also available.

Beyond participate in the objectives of the GEF financially, we loved staying there due to its location, but also the quality of hospitality. It's also fun to attend the meetings of the GEF inadvertently and thus learn more, because they often places in the common areas.

The hostel is also ideal for tricks of Insider tricks that are also related to the GEF but are especially unique in their kind and to buy some small souvenirs made by the communities supported by the GEF.

Responsible stance

The hostel is an activity of the GEF. The GEF (multidimensional education Foundation) is an NGO that tries to operate independently, and to finance the establishment of a hostel, agency towers and a coffee. This mode of operation allows the Organization to stay away from the political system, very corrupt in Colombia. We couldn't agree more with this mode of operation. Oh also, sustainable tourism. We love.

The GEF is intended improvement and empowerment of indigenous and Afro Cartagenes communities, enabling a sustainable development. Women are particularly targeted in this process, including helping them develop entrepreneurial projects.

Children are also including specific actions for the conservation of the traditional culture of their people. Indeed, the Zenú are a native people based in Tuchin. Thirty years ago, this people has to face the FARCS and flee to Cartagena. Since generations have passed and children don't know much about their culture. During our stay the GEF organized a trip to Tuchin at a traditional festival, so that the children can learn about their roots. This life-changing journey will allow them to build a stronger Aboriginal identity that they can be proud.

During our stay, we have also seen in (listened to as we) several project meetings, dnt on the establishment of free libraries in some of these communities.

Moreover, hotel sells products from the communities supported by the GEF and has toilets that reuse water from the taps. The first time that we find in a hostel! :D

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