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Walk Home

Montpellier, FRANCE
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Walk Home was born from a simple idea: to know a city, you must know what makes her tick. For this, it is essential to visit through its people, its craftsmen, its merchants... We put forward original and local tourism that has unique aims to promote our cultural and art in a more intimate way wealth directly with the players in the city.

Walk Home works on several types of offers: experiences of a day, dives out of town, or the towers made to measure according to your tastes! We put emphasis on human relationships. Through these offers you will encounter a multitude of our local partners who will tell you about the city, in a warm and friendly atmosphere! We have at disposal a multitude of themes to apprehend the city in many ways. You will find what you please!

We want to support travellers in their stay through visits.  You will be given all the necessary information for the rest of your stay in order to avoid bad surprises.

Responsible stance

Our goal is to enable, through guided tours, a human and cultural exchange between the different actors. We highlight the charm of the city of Montpellier by engaging local stakeholders in a collaborative and sympathetic economy.

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