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Wanderlust Hostal


Armenia is not a very touristy city, we did not find a good hostel here, and Wanderlust proved us that we were wrong. The hostel has everything you can ask a hostel with in more a super nice terrace and a small garden with views of the city.

This does not stop there since the hostel has implemented a policy of environmental communication and the dorms are among the cheapest we have found in Colombia.

Only small hics TV in the main room turned on at 8: 00 and until the evening and a policy a bit too strict on check out. The hostel was pretty empty and we were late for a free walking tour and they have nothing wanted to hear. But other than that the staff was adorable.

Responsible stance

Environmental awareness posted in dormitories and kitchen: 5 responsible actions 1 - go to the market rather than the supermarket
2 - Avoid straws them
3 - Avoid plastic bags 4 - choose reusable materials
5 - Turn off the light

Furthermore, environmental targets are displayed, including for sorting and recycling.

Moreover it seems that they are trying to develop a small vegetable garden, but at the moment this does not advance too.

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