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Waterfalls Homestay

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This small charming House, created by a couple of Australians, in the middle of nature sri Lankan will allow you to relax for a few days. In addition to their dream, they have managed to create a network of actors tourist all around their accommodation to offer a comprehensive. So you can sleep to Waterfalls Homestay then go for lunch and get a massage with their neighbour.
Because their philosophy is that face of strength, they did everything so that everyone works together in this small village.

Responsible stance

The owners do everything to reduce their consumption of plastic and they found the solution: filter the natural spring water that they have available.
In addition, from the start they have implemented recycling and compost. They work mainly with local producers and local products.
Finally, the water is heated by solar energy.

This address has been shared on 07/03/2019 by Fanny Philip .


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