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Free Tour Misterios de Santa Cruz

Sevilla, SPAIN
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To discover the secrets of the most emblematic area of the city, this free tour is ideal! We offer you to go to the discovery of the old Jewish quarter and its mysteries.

It is proposed by Sevilla Free Tour, which exclusively offers free tours in Seville and Cordoba (except 1 which includes a flamenco show).

Responsible stance

We like the free tours because they are generally walk and especially that they are in free prizes! That is to say that it is you who set the price. This approach allows access to culture for all, even to smaller budgets. Despite the name, the purpose of a free tour is well that everyone is winning, so play the game to the end, and give what you consider to be the right price compared to your budget and quality of the visit. Whatever your budget, the important thing is to participate and add value to the work of your guide!
The system also promotes the quality of the guide as if it is not the height he will be little paid. So if you find your awesome guide show him. BE GENEROUS!

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