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On the peninsula, two not on the banks of the Saône, is a franchise of the fast-good bio Yabio (fast food no junk food), that has spun off nearby another establishment, at Bellecour.

In the 1st arrondissement of Lyon, a beautiful space combining wood and brick that gives the place a certain cachet. It feels uncomfortable, the place is cozy. It is in good conditions to enjoy one of 5 seasonal burgers that are renewed throughout the year, with always a vegetarian choice.

Yabio, they are also affordable (€ 12 - burger, fried House or salad, beverage - or € 14 - with the small dessert that's good), thus contributing to the democratization of the bio.

Responsible stance

It's in the title, here everything is certified organic (label AB).

No frozen or industrial preparations: drink chips, buns to the salad to steak and sauces, everything is homemade. It is a commitment for a kitchen gourmet but healthy, americanisante but who has a good taste of terroir. I talk about terroir, if not for nothing: all of the products comes from local industries.

Extra bonus: they manage sustainably their waste (sorting, selection of product with a reduced... environmental impact)

The other plus: ami (e) s veg (e) s, you'll find it here also!


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