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Yoga Wave Tenerife

Arico, SPAIN
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Modern yurts placed in an out-of-common site on the island of Tenerife. 15 minutes from the beach and yet already in the heights for a breathtaking view of the ocean and the nearby island, and to repress the aridity in the South of Tenerife to a fertile and green environment...

The style of the housing is furnished with taste, choice, you can relax in a tropical, kazakh yurt or marine. A soft and subdued light wakes us up in the morning. We have the possibility to book yoga classes, meditation, surf, green living off-the-grid.

The great originality: also proposed the rental of a van built to go the region surf spots, and sleeping on the spot...

Responsible stance

The site covered in edible plants and fruit trees, everything works thanks to renewable energy. The water used is rain water only (it is then filtered through different filters according to usage).

We offer vegetarian food and cooked local production through a system of solar oven. We only offer a dry toilet compost We travel on an e-bike charged solar for short and medium distances.

This address has been shared on 13/12/2017 by Jasmin Yurt , the establishment itself.


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