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A small grocery store innovative and welcoming in the 11th arrondissement of Paris: it's called the Zingam - "store" in verlan, stupidly. Despite the name a little trendy, it's a grocery to the former, as we would want to across Street, in the city - and as his 2 young founders, Sonny and Lelio dreamed.

Kids from the neighborhood and been friends since school benches, lover of good food, they engaged in this project. Their idea is simple, obvious, and yet so rare these days: "offer quality products at reasonable prices, we can buy ourselves.

Drop your shopping carts and go for a ride to the Zingam. Quality, good price, proximity, seasonality, all there is. As a bonus, the trio behind the counter are adorable. This store is the future of the small business.

Responsible stance

The grocery store of live quarter of producers:

In the stalls, products arrived directly from the producer, fresh, simple and quality, reasonable and transparent prices. The seasonal the 'local when possible' and the 'bio when taste '. Fruits and vegetables directly from small producers (Drôme provençale, notably). But also fresh cheeses, great charcuterie, jams and homemade sauces, and a nice selection of craft beers and natural wines.

Here the short circuit, it means that between your shopping cart and the producer there is only a single intermediate. Lelio and Sonny guarantee the freshness of the product, its quality, its origin while creating a real connection with producers who supply them.

They offer including the Re-beautiful, unique and gourmet jams jam manufactured home with fruits and vegetables excluded from distribution channels.

The other commitment, is to recreate a connection between the city and the countryside, the consumer and the producer, but also to recreate the link in the neighborhood. More than a grocery store, the ZinGam is an appointment. A date for those who share our vision, an appointment for the curious, an appointment for the undecided, an appointment for the passages in Gale, in short a place at the heart of the XIth pulsating!

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