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Zoo de Vincennes


The Zoo of my childhood has changed!
Originally designed as a place of entertainment where to watch animals, this new site, shared in "bio-zones" (Sahel-Sudan, Patagonia, Europe, Amazon-Guyana and Madagascar), allows the animals to evolve in landscapes that evoke their environments natural origin.
The will to show contrasting ecosystems, concern for the welfare of the animals and respect for the missions to which subscribed the zoo led to the choice of the species depicted: there is the largest troop of giraffes in Europe and wolves Europe... of less known species (gluttons, Manatee) but no elephants, for example...

I took my Pass and gave my brother to go back often (profitable in 3 x) because Paris also can travel (in his head) sustainable

Responsible stance

The zoo participates in the conservation of endangered species by getting involved in European breeding (Humboldt penguins, crowned Sifakas) and international programs (pumas, white rhinoceros and lemurs). About 350 existing programs, it manages six and participates at 44!
It offers the opportunity to better understand major environmental issues, and the role that every citizen can play; sensitizes visitors to the delicate balance of the natural environment;
contributes to improving the knowledge on biodiversity, education environment (panels, videos, fun course, games for children).

Access to the disabled is well organized.

A + for the staff: you can be an apprentice healer for a day, you can decide to sponsor an animal: ARAMIS, the JAGUAR or ATLAS, the Cub or who else?
A - for the on-site food that does not much for the without gluten or VEGAN - bring a picnic - there are nice spaces for lunch or a snack.


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